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Discover the charm of the Ness of Brodgar with our  re-cycled plastic badges, proudly featuring the iconic Ness of Brodgar Logo! These vibrant and lightweight badges offer a delightful way to express your fascination with Orkney’s archaeological gem. Crafted with precision, the badges showcase the intricate details of the logo, capturing the essence of the Ness of Brodgar site and its historical significance.

Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages, these plastic badges are a playful and accessible means of connecting with the captivating world of archaeology. The Ness of Brodgar Logo,  adds a touch of flair to your attire, whether you’re attending archaeological events, lectures, or simply exploring the rich history of Orkney. The durable plastic construction ensures that these badges are not only eye-catching but also resilient, making them a lasting memento of your interest in ancient civilizations.

Embrace the allure of the Ness of Brodgar and proudly wear your passion with our plastic badges. These badges are more than accessories; they’re miniature gateways to the past, allowing you to carry a piece of Orkney’s archaeological wonders wherever you go. Join us in celebrating the intrigue and history encapsulated in the Ness of Brodgar Logo.

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